What makes our

Chill programs so unique?


Code blue for Autism offers a unique environment for Chill participants (Better known as Chillies!). It is respectful, creative, supportive, safe and fun! 











Creative play and drama is at the cornerstone for all Chillies to grow in self -confidence, self-insight and self-esteem. These are crucial ingredients for our Chillies to be able to take the social risks of role-playing. 


Peer mentoring is at the heart of Chill because at Code Blue we know that our peers provide the cultural relevance young adults need when looking for social role models.


No matter which program, Chill is all about “learning by doing” so Chillies are always actively engaged, hands on, practising their Chill skills through role play and creative play.

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The entry point for young adults embarking on the Chill journey is the Chill Foundation program. This program is mandatory for everyone as it lays the foundation social skills that are built on in all of the other Chill programs. A Chillie can enrol in any of the other Chill programs at the same time as enrolling in the foundation program.

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I’ve done Chill Foundation, now what?

Once a Chillie has completed the foundation program they are encouraged to continue their journey of generalising their emerging social skills in Chill Plus.  On completion of the foundation program most Chillies say (if they haven’t already) I’ve found my tribe! and don’t want to leave as they start to feel the benefits of self-confidence and friendship.

Chillies are always encouraged by their peer mentors to engage in other Chill programs that best align with the Chillie’s interests, needs and goals. All of the Chill programs have a social skills emphasis and provide multiple settings for Chill skills generalisation. ​​​


And while generalising social skills Chillies can learn the daily living skills of managing money and cooking / kitchen independence.  And then of course there is our fantastic art, dance and drama programs providing the perfect outlet for creativity and self-expression.

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A common goal for most our Chillies is to be able to confidently use their newly acquired social skills in all aspects of life. To do this, Code Blue offers the very popular Chill Out program. Chill Out is designed for Chillies to generalise their skills in a myriad of settings. A 12-month calendar of weekend events, weekenders interstate and overseas adventures provide the perfect settings for social independence. The growth in independence in Chillies in the Chill Out program is exceptional. 


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